ImmDbg history cleaner

I hate histories of works in softwares 😀
I did remove that manually but I do with script now.
So I wrote a script in python for cleaning Immunity debugger histories 🙂


#Immunity Debugger History cleaner
#Author: s1n4

from ConfigParser import RawConfigParser

path = 'C:\\Program Files\\Immunity Inc\\Immunity Debugger\\ImmunityDebugger.ini'
confr = RawConfigParser()    #For reading config
confw = RawConfigParser()    #For writing config             #Read config

for c in range(0, 20) :
    confr.remove_option('History', 'executable' + '[' + str(c) + ']')
    #Removing items of history in ImmDbg conf

sections = confr.sections()           #Sections of conf

for i in sections :
    confw.add_section(i)              #Add sections of conf
    for ii in confr.items(i) :
        confw.set(i, ii[0], ii[1])    #Set items

confw.write(open(path, 'w'))
#Writing and replacing config

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